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B1st Supplements

B1st 2WAKE Sample

B1st 2WAKE Sample

B1st 2WAKE

✅ Boost Energy Levels*

Maximize Performance*

Extreme Focus & Clarity*

Fuel Your Body's Natural Energy Production*

Whether it's work, kids, or just that afternoon slump making you feel exhausted, B1st 2WAKE is the key to performing at your best. NO Jitters, NO Anxiety, NO Crash, just clean, high-quality ingredients provide the extra boost your body needs to get it all done! 💪🏼

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30 Day Money Back Guarantee!*

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  • Clean energy and focus*

  • Increased performance & productivity*

  • Enhance your body’s natural energy*

  • Support optimal brain and circulatory health*

  • Energy & Performance

    B1st 2Wake utilizes a blend of natural caffeine and an extended release form to provide an even distribution throughout your day.*

  • Cognitive Enhancement

    This comprehensive blend of nootropics comprised of amino acids, adaptogens, vitamins, and herbs work together and provide a balanced approach for optimizing your brain health and performance.*

  • Metabolism Boosting

    With essential vitamins and nutrients such as methyl folate, iodine, coq10, and astaxanthin, B1st 2Wake helps to stimulate your body’s natural energy production.*

  • Circulatory Health

    Powerful antioxidants like CoQ10 and Astaxanthin help relax your arteries and heart, potentially offsetting the negative effects of high caffeine and stress.  Additionally, the methylated form of B12 and methyl folate (5-MTHF) have been shown to reduce homocysteine levels, which can improve your cardiovascular health.*

Customer Reviews

Based on 60 reviews
Jess L.

These are great. I tried them before I went running. These gave me great results. I didn't feel tired. I wanted to run longer. I had high energy and suggest them to others. Try for yourself

Amanda K.
It works

With 5 kids I never seem to have enough energy but with B1st 2WAKE I feel like I could do anything with them. I outlasted even the youngest playing. This is great and does exactly what it says. Strongly recommended

Richard R.
Great product!!!

Clean energy


It definitely gave me an energy boost. I was energized all work day and didn’t have a hard crash afterwards. I like the product and will be buying more

Must Try

Hands down the best supplement I've had. Did what it says and I had NO jitters! Definitely have plans to purchase soon!